January 7, 2010

Message from boss

'Pls chase fr d signoff by this wk. No compromise. I hv bn scolded in d mtg. Tlg bg person tt u dealt with'. Hmmm..this message was received at 11.05 am today..what a suprise...felt like to 'disburse' right now. What to do, I can't complete my assignment before go for maternity leave.Suddenly, I called my collegue to know the details what's going on..he mentioned that everybody received that message. They also don't know how deal with..just layan!Till now, afraid to call my boss to explain the status of my assignment..hmmm..siapa la insan bertuah yg terpksa ambil my assigment..kesian la pulak! This weekend, they are also involve in mock run activities, seems like everybody is very busy, and then next week..must pack all stuff to move to new office at Wisma Bank Islam, Bdr Utama...so busy..luckily I already settle packing before on leave.