December 2, 2009

My Assignment

When I opened my inbox, first email I saw was from my boss, requested me to update assignment status. Of course, during this stage, my mind is going everywhere, I can't focus and concerntrate to office work. Much thinking on checkup, labor matters and so on. Not really focus on work related issues. But then, I understand the situation at office right now, bcoz the project is now at end stage. My collegeus are very busy developing manuals,training material, handle training, going for outstation and so on. What to do, I can't support much on this. I'm getting weak right now. Alhamdulillah, my boss understand me, but then I still must complete my task also. There 3 major manuals that need to be completed, Trade Finance, Credit Admin and GL manuals. Until now, all are not completed yet.. ohhh noo....!help me!